Saturday, April 28, 2007

Yikes! Riots!

It's strange how news from Estonia rarely gets published outside of Estonia. But, just in case you're somehow in the loop and are worried about me because you've heard about this, do not fear. I am in Rome.

Big catch up next week on my return.


shula said...

Not so strange.

Australians would be shocked to discover that news about Australia rarely exits its shores, either.


Rome is good...

Florence said...

Yikes! indeed.

I've tagged you with a "seven facts/habits about me" meme...I hope you don't mind :) see my blog for more details.


mitzi said...

"EU Pledges Help in Estonia-Russia Row" - thank goodness. Thinking of you in far of land

annadee said...

I wonder whether it'll get to the point where I'll have to evacuate? I don't think so, but Tallinn is very quiet. I went for a walk yesterday and nearly every shop window in my neighbourhood has been smashed! Estonian glaziers will be happy!