Wednesday, November 29, 2006

You Like Me... You Really Like Me!

Thank you to everyone and your wonderful compliments. I really am extremely chuffed. I feel blessed to have found a career path that provides me with so much satisfaction and the fact other people get enjoyment out of my work too leaves me feeling completely ecstatic!

Here are the images (once again taken by
Terence Bogue) of the brooches from Intervention. They are all made from old biscuit, tea and toffee tins tabbed onto a base of copper. See here for an image of the back of one of the brooches.

The Boys from Ponderosa Ranch

Snappy and Sly

Beth and Pip

The Hunter and His Hound

Winkin Blinkin and Nod

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

fresh photos

Just been to visit Terence Bogue again. These pieces are from Intervention and were displayed in the alcove inside the gallery.

Merry Merry Queen

This is from an old Plaistowe tin lid and is about 110mm diameter. She's wearing a nice crown and a very fetching pair of slippers. It has been purchased by the lovely Katherine Bowman.

Absent II

This is a better photo than my effort. I'm not sure what the tin originally held but the image is of Captain Cook and his party planting the flag.

Gum Country

This tin tray is about 450 x 320mm. The bird is from a Plaistowe 'Birds of Western Australia' tin and the explorers and ship are from a tea tin - Bushells, I think. Detail below.

On display at e.g.etal

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

we are sailing...

In response the Rebecca's call for a nautical week, I've delved into the archives for some images of a couple of things I made for my honours year at RMIT in 1998.

The components of this one are based on paper boats sailing in gutters (not seen for many a year in the dry south eastern corner) and the bracelet rolls around the wrist on it's button wheels.

This one is not strictly sailing, more 'boating'. It's called 'ducklings' and it's made from an old brooch I cut up. The tops of the little ones are pink coral tulip heads and the oars are made from the jade leaves. It sits on my mantlepiece.

see garage sailor for more nauticals

casa davernator

Here are some shots of the studio. I share with Cass Partington, and Nicky Hepburn. It's on the 8th floor on the corner of flinders lane and elizabeth st, Melbourne.

We have nice views...

looking north up liz st

...which can be distracting. Particularly of the 11 storey backpackers over the road. (if you can imagine it, we've seen it)

looking south to flinders st station

We're about to do a major reshuffle and get a new studio mate, the fabulous Lisa Kearns. In the meantime, I'm running out of space for my tin collection...

Thursday, November 09, 2006

better photos of the corals

Terence has done a good job again. The white of the bleached silver and the shine on some of the blackened ones makes them difficult to photograph.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Magali Anidjar

I was going to try and avoid making this blog a linking blog but I've just found something I have to share with you.

Somehow in my surfing I found Magali Anidjar and she makes wonderful work like this...

Silver and fired enamel ring

Happy horse race day off!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

sneak peek

Here's a sneak peak of the work for Intervention which will be installed tomorrow. It's being beautifully modelled by the knitter extraordinaire, Brigette Cameron.

Here's a view of the back for those that are interested in that sort of thing. The frames are made from Copper, the images are cut from old tea, biscuit and chocolate tins and tabbed to the frame. The fitting is made from cutting and folding tabs from the frame. I wanted to use copper so that I could blacken them (silver too cost prohibitive) so I had to avoid soldering to maintain hardness.

And, here's the invite

Thursday, November 02, 2006



It's been a while but I've had a few things on. I've been invited by Otro Diseno to be a part of their pavillion at Sierrad, so I've been busy cutting out kangaroos.

muster (detail), 2005: brooches, mild steel, recycled biscuit tin
and liquorice tin.
70mm wide. photo:
Terence Bogue

If you're in Holland in December, please go and check it out and let me know how it looks. I've never heard of Sierrad but it seemed like a good opportunity to get the ball rolling on my International stardom push!!

I've also been preparing for my exhibition intervention at e.g.etal which opens on Monday. So, if you're in Melbourne, please come and have a look. There's no opening as such but it'll run until the 16th Nov. It's in the window at the Little Collins St store and there'll also be some other pieces inside the shop such as this one...

hmm... bad photo yet again. This is the companion piece to 'absent'. The figures attached to the tin lid are the reverse side of the figures cut out from 'absent'. The image on the lid is of Captain Cook celebrating the "arrival".

cheers, anna