Monday, October 16, 2006

gotta start somewhere

This is the work that I will be submitting to the Craft Victoria auction.

Embassy 2006: 140x140x10mm, recycled toffee tin
and souvenir tray. photo: Terence Bogue

But first, it will be a part of my exhibition Intervention that will be held at e.g.etal from the 9th-16th November.

It's a 'wall piece' made from a recycled Embassy Toffee tin, hence the name, although it works with the imagery as well.

There will be some jewellery in Intervention, such as the item below...

Liz brooch 2006: 100x80x5mm, recycled tea tin, copper. photo: Terence Bogue

And this is another wall piece.

Absent 2006: 160x130x5mm, recycled placemat
and chocolate tin. photo: Terence Bogue

There'll be more to come and I'll probably be posting images of old work as well as things straight from the bench.

Cheers, Anna


Liana said...

Looking forward to it!

Ramona said...

Ms Davern - can't wait! the new work looks amazingo


Brian Parkes said...

Hi Anna
Sounds like you're having fun. I enjoyed browsing through the blog site. Keep up the great work.
Brian Parkes