Tuesday, October 17, 2006

now for the let down

Yes, that's right. I am NOT a photographer!

I impressed with the first post beautifully photographed by the eminent Terence Bogue, and the following is my attempt at documenting a new range of work I sent up to e.g.etal this week.

It's a series of brooches based on coral forms. Each brooch is made from silver and comes on it's own copper stand. The stand slots into a fitting on the back. The little 'tentacles' are made from silver and gold and they 'jiggle' within their 'holes'. Parts of the brooches are painted with enamel paint.

group shot. The tallest stands about 150mm

Sorry again about the photos, it really doesn't do them justice as the colours are quite beautiful.

The silver ones are priced from $275 to $350. The one with 18ct yellow gold 'tentacles' is around $800.

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