Thursday, January 28, 2010

Felicity Peters

Felicity Peters
Kopernik Daisy Neckpieces
image reproduced with permission from Klimt02

Felicity Peters got a creative development grant from the WA Department of Culture and the Arts last year. It was a hefty sum and it enabled her to do an incredible amount of work and travel and study and lecture. As a result she's exhibiting some amazing looking things at Lesley Craze gallery in London (the first solo show at this gallery by an Australian artist, apparently!)

Felicity Peters
Kopernik Daisy Bangles
Acrylic and powdercoated aluminium
image reproduced with permission from Klimt02

The exhibition runs from the 5th to the 27th February at:

Lesley Craze Gallery
33 - 35a Clerkenwell Green
EC1R 0DU - London

I hope that we get to see this work on the east coast of Australia some time soon.

As a part of the grant, the Department of Culture and the Arts set up a blog for Felicity to document her year. It makes for very interesting reading.

This information was garnered from the Klimt02 newsletter


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

e.g.etal blog

(nicked from here)

As you may know, I have been represented by e.g.etal in Melbourne since the gallery opened in 1999. For those of you that don't know, e.g.etal is a contemporary jewellery gallery/retail space in Flinders Lane in Melbourne. Over the past 10 years, e.g. (as it's affectionately known amongst the jewellery community - well, at least in my studio) has supported and promoted Australia's contemporary jewellery artists and I would like to credit them with contributing to the wide appreciation of contemporary jewellery that exists in Melbourne.

e.g.etal interior (nicked from here)

E.g.etal has recently set up a new blog. And as a part of their ten year celebrations, Emma Goodsir (owner of e.g.) wanted to acknowledge the artists who had shown with the gallery from the beginning and it turns out that I'm one of them! And I'm in good company with Camilla Gough, Nicky Hepburn and Amy Renshaw. There's a bit on the blog about all four of us here. And they've employed Lucy Feagins from The Design Files to interview and write about each of us individually. The first interview was with Camilla and today, they published the interview with me!


Sunday, January 24, 2010


Melissa Cameron is curating an exhibition called ...Return to coincide with this years JMGA conference in Perth. The exhibition will feature the work of ex-WA jewellers: Melissa Cameron, Michelle Kelly, Regina Middleton, Belinda Newick and Robin Wells. I found out about it from Melissa's blog and I wanted to share with you some work by Michelle Kelly because I really liked it!

Michelle Kelly.jpg

Michelle Kelly, Basidiomycota 2007

Michelle Kelly.jpg

Michelle Kelly, Basidiomycota 2007 (detail)


I won't be going to the conference cos I've got something else on. Bummer


Saturday, January 23, 2010

ha ha

check this out!!!

I'm not sure whether to be really flattered or really scared


Thursday, January 21, 2010

two new guys

These two are going to Munich

Calliope - biscuit tin, 18ct yellow gold and copper

Trevor - biscuit tin, 18ct yellow gold, sterling silver, copper and pearls

They're going to be in an exhibition of Australian jewellery called Treasure Room which will be on as a part of Schmuck in March. (That's a German site but there's some info over at Klimt02) The exhibition has been curated by Robert Baines and he requested some older work of mine which I pulled out of the archives this week.

Romance I.JPG
Romance I

Romance II.JPG
Romance II

Romance III.JPG
Romance III

I made these three brooches when I was doing my honours year at RMIT. They're really quite large - 200mm wide - and they're made from flocked copper.

This guy's also going....


Sorry I've been so slack about posting, it's a new year's resolution to get back into it. Part of my reluctance has been not having a good way to document things as they come of my bench. But I've decided that you can all put up with brooches photographed on pink tissue paper if that's what it has to be