Tuesday, November 28, 2006

fresh photos

Just been to visit Terence Bogue again. These pieces are from Intervention and were displayed in the alcove inside the gallery.

Merry Merry Queen

This is from an old Plaistowe tin lid and is about 110mm diameter. She's wearing a nice crown and a very fetching pair of slippers. It has been purchased by the lovely Katherine Bowman.

Absent II

This is a better photo than my effort. I'm not sure what the tin originally held but the image is of Captain Cook and his party planting the flag.

Gum Country

This tin tray is about 450 x 320mm. The bird is from a Plaistowe 'Birds of Western Australia' tin and the explorers and ship are from a tea tin - Bushells, I think. Detail below.

On display at e.g.etal


Marta Miguel said...

I like the pieces


Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

so clever!

shula said...

This is High Australiana, indeed.


annadee said...

Aww shucks, thanks.

Congratulations Shula, I see that Po has sold before auction. I'm going early on Saturday to partake of the champagne and pineapple sorbet, perhaps we'll get to meet there?

Beck said...

Ms Davern your show was an absolute delight, and gave me huge lift during a very tough week, your work just gets better and better, funny, clever, beautifully crafted what more could a gal want?
by the way, congrats to Katherine for getting the last laugh and the slippered kookaburra!