Tuesday, November 14, 2006

we are sailing...

In response the Rebecca's call for a nautical week, I've delved into the archives for some images of a couple of things I made for my honours year at RMIT in 1998.

The components of this one are based on paper boats sailing in gutters (not seen for many a year in the dry south eastern corner) and the bracelet rolls around the wrist on it's button wheels.

This one is not strictly sailing, more 'boating'. It's called 'ducklings' and it's made from an old brooch I cut up. The tops of the little ones are pink coral tulip heads and the oars are made from the jade leaves. It sits on my mantlepiece.

see garage sailor for more nauticals


Florence said...


I'm here via Rebecca the wrecker.

What a niffty braclet. Your work is very special. I'm looking forward to seeing more of it :)

annadee said...

Hey Florence,
Thanks and straight back at ya!

aliciaderosa said...

It´s really extrange and great... so poetry... Nice

masaoms said...

really great work!!! i just discovered this blog...i love your jewells, congratulations...i want to see more of them!!! best wishes!!

Zedd said...

What glorious pieces! I adore them!