Friday, May 18, 2007


Yesterday was assessment for my students...

setting up for assessment

the set up.

the assessment team

the assessment team, including the formidable Rein Metts (far right)

Here is the work they completed for the project they did with me. The project topic was 'foreignness'


Xana foreign project

Xana foreign project

Xana foreign project

She was interested in "psycho-geography" and the idea of psychological borders. The neckpieces are made of mild steel and are joined using very fine chenier so they are articulated.



Katrin foreign project

Katrin foreign project

Katrin was inspired by the plethora of black plastic bags she saw rubbishing the landscape on a recent trip to Morocco and was working with the idea of the foreign plastic parasite invading the natural world (appalling photos, I'm sorry Katrin, they don't do the work any justice)



Antje foreign project

Antje foreign project

Antje's original training was in Idar-Oberstein which is the "stone" capital of the world. Working with stones for her is 'familiar' but she had never worked with amber before. Not only does amber represent the foreigness of Estonia, there is also the element of the foreign object inclusions of trapped insects and air bubbles. Her pieces are most successful when you can experience their tactile quality. See if you can tell in the neckpiece which 2 of the 5 pieces of amber are real.

and Kertu:


Kertu foreign project

Kertu foreign project

Kertus interest was the fear of foreignness. The fear of the foreigner and the fear of being foreign



Briana said...

How wild! Oh, how I would have loved to be a part of that program. said...

there are pieces of plastic.
Before I take the plastic and transform them into another shapes ,for me they look like stones or boulders but they float on water or I can put them over snow or in a new landscape.
My english is very poor but i hope you understand me your work is very interesting and i ask you if you are ateacher in Tallin School?
well see you here or in flirck...