Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Idar-Oberstein #4 (shopping)

the haul...

The spoils of Idar-Oberstein 3.JPG
in a vaguely clockwise manner going from top left; lava leading to rose quartz, green dyed something-or-other which I forgot to get the name of, coral, mangano calcite, black tourmaline (yummy yummy), pink rodocrosite, a big pile of coloured quartz, onyx surrounding coloured howlite, peridot underneath, coloured agate, pearls, more peridot, citrine, more black lava, more pearls, brandy coloured quartz, lapis lazuli and smoky quartz. I love the smokey quartz, it reminds me of 70's cigarette advertisements of suited men drinking whiskey and smoking Dunhill or Davidoff.

The spoils of Idar-Oberstein 2
some raw diamonds for one of my students (they're about 4mm each - 21 euro the lot)

The spoils of Idar-Oberstein 1
a block of reconstructed coral on the left and reconstructed onyx on the right. I think it's made by recombining the dust of the material. the block of coral is about 150 x 100 mm. This was a courier job for someone else but I wish I'd got some myself, apparently you can cut it with a piercing saw!


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