Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Nothing to declare

Here are a few more matryoshka rings...

matryoshka rings.JPG

I figure it's better to pass through Aussie customs with 200 matryoshka onion rings than 20 whole matryoshkas!

and here's another neck piece


this one is made from a 'red indian' doll. (I'm aware that that's the incorrect term).

And this is something I will miss when I leave...

electric rolling mills.JPG

electric rolling mills. sigh.



shula said...

That should confuse the hell out of them.

Speaking of confused, what, exactly, does an electric rolling machine do?

annadee said...

rolling mills are what we use to 'draw' down wire or 'roll' down sheet metal. the material is repeatedly passed between two steel rolls or barrels which you wind closer and closer together and the metal gets thinner and thinner. The wire rollers have square shaped grooves in decreasing size. It's quite hard work on manual rollers particularly with large thick sheets of metal. Electric rolling mills are like a car compared to a wheelbarrow.

├ůsa said...

Where can I buy these bracelets? They are fantastic!