Friday, May 11, 2007

What happens when you let a woman loose with a piercing saw




Yes, them's arms and legs

plastic chain.JPG

I just felt I had to even the score with the whole Matryoshka thing. Those little dimples are the front of the knee.

Anyone else remember hattifatteners?



sorry. again.



lee said...

I love the pictures on silver, and the detail is incredible. I think you may need to figure out how to mist on the chemicals, a very light spray, or you'll get bobbles, streaks and bubbling.

As for plastic dolly parts, you do know about this individual: ?

The cross section rings with dimples, from around the kneecaps, have a certain charm. The feet with eyes are just plain funny.

annadee said...

Hi Lee,
I'm looking forward to more experimentation with the photography. And yes, I have seen that work. The focus of it seems to be more about the 'fetish' of the doll. I wanted this work to be more obscure and not immediately obvious that it was made from bits of plastic doll. The head and feet and hands are just put in for fun. They're not serious pieces.

kait said...

At first, I was all exited: Yay! more chain pieces. Then: Urg! It's baby doll parts! For whatever reason (familiarity? nostalgia?) I didn't have that reaction with the Matryoshka version at all! I think jewelry is a great medium to play with attraction/repulsion of the viewer, because it's so intimate. I love it!

shula said...

And for this reason (and a number of others)

I adore you.

They are just fantastic.