Friday, June 01, 2007

Finland, Finland, Finland (sing it, like Monty Python)

Last weekend I went to Helsinki.

what does this say?.JPG
I have no idea what that says.

The highlight was a trip to Kiasma, the Museum of Contemporary Art.

light well.JPG
some nice architecture. And some more...

(just showing off my photography skills really)

There were a couple of excellent exhibitions on and I particularly loved 'Wind from the East – Perspectives on Asian Contemporary Art'. I actually felt a certain connectedness to the works and it was more than just a geographical link. Perhaps it's because, in Australia, we are exposed to work from Asian countries. Or maybe it's because I'm more aware of the issues which affect artists in Asia than those in Europe, but the connection is something which I haven't experienced with most of the European art I've been seeing.

Eko Nugroho: Enough is Enough (installation).JPG
This is an installation by Indonesian artist, Eko Nugroho called 'Enough is Enough'.

Eko Nugroho: Enough is Enough (installation).JPG
The view from the other end of the gallery.

The pieces that you see attached to the wall are machine embroidered fabric (I think. Shula? If they're done by hand then I'm even more impressed).

Eko Nugroho: Enough is Enough (installation).JPG

Eko Nugroho: Enough is Enough (installation).JPG

Eko Nugroho: Enough is Enough (installation).JPG

I also really enjoyed the video work of Yang Zhenzhong (China)

Yang Zhenzhong: Rice Corns (video).JPG
'922 Rice Corns'

and (whispering) I don't usually enjoy video art, and can rarely sit through the full length of works. But I sat and watched this 2 times over and it's simply a rooster and a chicken pecking rice corns while 2 voices count (in Chinese - a male voice for the rooster and a female voice for the hen) to 922 as each piece of rice is pecked and eaten. The numbers bottom left count up the hen's corns and the numbers bottom right, the rooster's. The total is in the middle


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"Grillauskausi avattu" means "Grill season has started". And 'Siwa' is a local chain of small stores which sell victuals (I personally never buy meat from there, but you know, you _can_ buy pork from there)