Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Amsterdam delight

I loved Amsterdam.

amsterdam canal.jpg

The last time I went there, I was a pot smoking teenager with no ambition. (just look at me now!) Back then, I loved Amsterdam for a whole lot of other reasons, but this time it was for the concentration of contemporary jewellery, the beauty of the city and how it felt like a ‘toy’ town, the friendliness of the inhabitants and the plethora of kitsch clog souvenirs.


Unfortunately my visit coincided with Object in Rotterdam so both Galerie Ra and Galerie Rob Koudijs were closed – bummer! Rotterdam is only a short train ride from Amsterdam but the exhibition opened 2 hours before my return flight to Tallinn. I got to look in their windows but it’s really not the same.

Another town only a short train ride (an hour and a half) from Amsterdam, is Nijmegen– the home of Galerie Marzee.

Gallery Marzee.JPG

Fortunately Marzee was open and I was able to see exhibitions by Karin Seufert, David Clarke, Wiebke Meurer and Karola Torkos and a show by the students of the Munich Academy.

Gallery Marzee.JPG
that's David Clarke's work in the foreground.

Marzee is amazing. 3 floors of jewellery joy. Including the Marzee collection which is the gallery’s collection of contemporary jewellery on permanent display. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take photos of the jewellery but the collection is very substantial and I spent a fascinating couple of hours going through the drawers.

Gallery Marzee.JPG
the home of the Marzee collection: over 200 drawers!

I was also able to stock up on some catalogues and I even bought 2 brooches! One by Flora Magi

Flora Vagi - brooch

and the other by Mah Rana.

Mah Rana - Jewellery is Life.jpg
I only got one but it's in a container on a ship steaming it’s way to Melbourne from Europe so I nicked this photo from the innernet.

Back in Amsterdam, Galerie Louise Smit was also open and I was able to see a beautiful exhibition All Else Imaginable by Helen Britton. I am in awe of her imagination. The brooches are seemingly complicated constructions but every aspect is thoughtfully assembled to form these fantastic compositions.

Helen Britton - Blob.jpg

I also managed to spend more of my Euro here and bought a neckpiece by Christoph Zellweger BUT unfortunately it’s in the same container as the Mah Rana pin so I can’t photograph it but it looks something like this.

Christoph Zellweger - rhizome.jpg

And, yes, obviously I'm back in the country and I have so far escaped the depressed hole into which I thought I would fall. There's lots of catch up on the way.

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mettle design studio said...

oh my gosh! anna! i have found you and on the internet of all places! i wont say who i am yet, as i thought it might be fun for you to find who i am by searching (it wont be difficult)

i always wondered what you had been doing since the 1990's...

i read about your wonderful trip, and i must admit i kinda felt abit of homesickness.... (have you guessed yet??) what a stack of cultural delight!

contact me when you find me! it will be fun to see your work.