Saturday, September 08, 2007

Shameless self-promotion

Doggetts brochure page 1

K.W.DOGGETT Fine Paper have put together a publication to promote their envirocare range of recycled paper. It was designed by David Lancashire Design and features the work of a number of artists working with recycled materials. Including me!

Doggetts brochure pages 2-3

That's me on the left, opposite my mate Robbie Rowlands (who also happens to be SGG's hubby - for those of you who are Garage Sailor readers.

It also features the work of Emma Davies

Doggetts brochure page 6

(I'm diggin' that wombat, Emma!)

and Nicholas Jones

Doggetts brochure page 7

and includes work by Stephen Gallagher, Mark Vaarwerk and Simone LeAmon

Doggetts brochure page 5

and I'm on the last page too.

Doggetts brochure page 8


1 comment:

Wongie said...

Hello is that an Anna Davern Roo I spy too?!! FABULOUS not shameless! And frankly why wouldn't you?