Thursday, February 28, 2008

scenes from the doll house #1



So I get the keys to the gallery on Sunday but I have to wait for the work to arrive from Sydney on Monday, so I go home and try to relax! On Monday I'm there bright and early as FV from Pablo Fanque had organised for an AM delivery. I lay out my installation tools, I sweep, I paint over some marks on the walls, I sweep again, I try and read the paper and at 12 o'clock I phone the courier. At 12.20 the work arrives. phew.

Installation was relatively easy until the vinyl lettering arrived.

vinyl sign

the knitter and the guy from Ballarat helping out (and trying not to laugh)

How big is that font! How big is my ego!

This is one of the lessons to be learnt from exhibiting at an artist run space. I've been very fortunate that exhibitions I've been involved in up until now have had curators or exhibition co-ordinators to help with installation, signage and promotion. I'm also very lucky to have some good friends to help me out with all of this. But what I didn't do, was consult with someone about how big the signage should be! whoops. It was going to go on the white wall at the back of the gallery but we had to move it to the edge of the grey bench seat where it wasn't so obvious.

You can just see it here...

setting fluid

underneath where I'm sitting repairing one of the neckpieces with 'setting fluid' (glue!)


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