Thursday, June 18, 2009

Look what they've done to my song, Ma

This was the beautiful entrance foyer to the gorgeous old deco building which houses my studio.

old foyer

lovely terrazzo floor, old metal framed cabinets for display, deco highlights in the ceiling, terrazzo tiles on the walls. A suitable entrance for a building full of artists, designers and architects.

Look at it now

new foyer.JPG

A little piece of me dies every time I have to walk through it.

The building was sold a year or so ago and since then the new owners (tellingly from Sydney) have proceeded to "renovate" it. Turning the foyer into a urinal is just the start apparently.

Rents have doubled and many of my old neighbours have moved on. We, fortunately, have a lease until the end of 2011 after which I foresee that we too will be leaving.

Vale Carlow House

Vale Melbourne CBD. Hereafter referred to as Seveneleventown.



Claire said...

Oh that's rotten... so dull!!

An old workplace of mine had a much needed refurbishment a number of years ago... but I am still cheesed off that they just plastered over the hardwood panelled walls instead of taking the wood out for reuse. It was Tasmanian Oak.

Good to see you back here btw

Claire (who lives in the Northern Territory now)

shula said...


God, I feel sick...

Katherine Bowman said...

so disappointing, I loved the glass cabinets. so so disappointing

natalia said...

holy crap!!!

Anonymous said...

ohhhhh what a mess!......obviously tooo much money...!!!

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