Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The Jam Factory recently commissioned Adelaide designer Khai Liew to refurbish their retail area. The results look pretty amazing. I nicked these images from their facebook site. I reckon that's probably ok as they're in the public domain.

As I said, Amazing.

And the reason for posting this?

They asked me to send them some work for the shop!

This is what I sent.

They're all made from one tin tray. I tried to use as much of the tray as possible so they actually have a 'tin' back as well. 

So the whole thing is 'cold constructed'. You can see the tiny tabs and the fitting is made from the 'tin' itself. They're based on the work I did for 'White Christmas' at Craft Victoria which I'll post about another time



Sarah B said...

Hey Anna, where's Tassie??

annadee said...

I dunno! I dunno how to add it. any suggestions welcome

Sarah B said...

Okey doke, how about 2 little jump rings holding Tas in the right spot. Might be a little too obvious??

Mel Robson said...

Ace. Totally Ace.