Saturday, July 24, 2010


I leave the country in 4 days and half an hour! Organised? No. Stressed? Yes.

I also have to deliver work to Craft Victoria for the Playing Fields exhibition...  yesterday.

I've made I'm making 4 dioramas from biscuit tins that will be similar to the more 3 dimensional works I had in Buena Vista at Craft Vic in 2008, except they all incorporate interactive movement like the Fantastic Mr Fox (which swings back and forth).

Three of the pieces are currently in the possession of Terence Bogue and the 4th is very close to being finished.

I thought I'd share some images of works in progress as it's been a real challenge working out the engineering side of incorporating movement in the dioramas.

 These are little rivets that I pre-solder with spacers so they're easier to attach

 I attach them to one "layer" first and then attach them to the base...

 like so!

more later..... it's late!

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Sarah B said...

You'll get there Anna. Thanks for showing us some of the process - it's really interesting.
Safe travels :)