Thursday, July 01, 2010

Have you missed me?

Probably not. But I've missed you.


You especially.

Not much to report but at the same time, Oh So Much.

The biggest news is that I'm going to Austria!

Salzburg in fact!

I found out that Manuel Vilhena will be teaching at the Salzburg Summer Academy.

Manuel Vilhena! (post about his conference talk from my trip to Idar-Oberstein)

I'm so there. He is ace! His work is Ace! So I applied.

And I've been accepted.

Whoop whoop!!

departing 28th July.


Sarah B said...

Hey Anna, I have been wondering what you have been up to. That's really exciting news! I'm in desperate need of both a holiday and an inspiration injection :) You'll have a fab time.
ps I totally love Sound of Music ;)

Mel Robson said...

Great news Anna! Make sure you take a pic of you in the alps in a frock just like that ok. I can never get enough of the sound of music.....

Katherine Bowman said...

Yo dav, I left an ward for you in blog! please do it if you feel like it x

Katherine Bowman said...

this time i will check my spelling etc before I click the button
I left an award for you in my blog

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