Monday, July 26, 2010

Snip, Slice, Saw

Nag - brooch: sublimate printed steel, garnet beads, copper. 
About 15cm tall (photo: Terence Bogue)

If you didn't get to see these guys at C3 for the Australia Project, they're having a second outing at Hand Held Gallery's next exhibition Snip, Slice, Saw.

Nagaina - brooch reworked biscuit tin, sublimate printed steel, garnet beads, copper. 
About 15cm square (photo: Terence Bogue).

If you haven't been, Hand Held is a great gallery. I've seen some surprising and really lovely shows there. Surprising because I didn't know there there are so many artists making beautiful small scale works in Melbourne. And surprising also because it's in a really strange location. It's upstairs in a modern but almost deserted shopping centre on the outskirts of Chinatown.

Hand Held Gallery opened in August 2008. Hand Held is an object and artist book gallery with a collection of books, zines, posters, postcards, paper arts and eclectic objects. Hand Held is also an exhibition/installation space available to artists for solo or small group shows and installations. (from the gallery's blog)

Krait - sublimate printed steel, copper. About 25cm long (photo: Terence Bogue).

'snip, slice, saw'

Opening on the 29th of July 6-8pm
A group exhibition exploring
cutting in paper and metal.

artist include
Deborah Klien, Jennifer Bolhofner, Melissa Cameron
Deb McArdle, Lizzie Sampson, Christine Oakley,
Kathy Fahey, Jake Burrell, Karah Sinden, Emma Grace
Tamara Dixon, Sarah Heyward, Anna Davern and Penny Peckham.

Hand Held Gallery
Suite 18, upstairs
Paramount Arcade
108 Bourke Street
Melbourne, 3000

Entry via Bourke or little Bourke street. Go straight up escalator to top level.

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