Wednesday, August 18, 2010

'at' project complete

We all managed to understand what we were meant to do... in the end.

This is the piece that was made by Melanie 'at' me... (not my best angle)

And this was the piece that was made by me 'at' Melanie...

It's a pendant made from card and sterling silver.

The crit... (l-r Sateeta, Peter, Anja, Jacqueline, Manuel, Flora and Wolfie)

It's been interesting to work from drawings and models. Normally I just get started working from the ideas in my head and make things straight in the material I imagine is right for the idea. This is not the way I was trained but over the years I've gradually slipped away from drawing and model making. But it's so much fun! I guess it's because I have so many things going on at any one time in the studio it's difficult to clear a CLEAN space to work with paper.

Here we each have a jewellery bench and in another room we have a large trestle table each on which to make our drawings and models. A lot of us end up making our final work in paper or textiles - So far I have used only a limited amount of time at the jewellery bench because it's really difficult not having my own torch, my own pickle, my own tools, and everything at my fingertips. Normally to drill a hole in something, I reach to my right, get the drill bit, put it in the flexi on my right and drill away. Here I have to get up from the bench, go to the tool selection, pick out the right drill bit (I only brought 1.0mm), go to the other side of the room where the flexi is set up, possibly wait for someone else who's already using it, try drilling, realise I need beeswax, walk around looking for the beeswax, go back to the flexi, someone else is using it again, wait, and then drill. I'm so spoilt.

Anyway, here's an image of all the models I made for this project and there will be plenty more to come with the new 'Intention' project already underway.


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