Friday, August 13, 2010

in progress...

The "at" project.

Can't be explained.


Even I don't understand it. We have moved from direct representation (the Australia brooch) through to a more subliminal, instinctive way of working. We've determined that one thing that jewellery is is a language. It's like we're trying to translate from the subconscious. You can see from my self-portrait, and from my work generally, that I work in a very constructed, thinking way, so all this emotional codswallop is doing my head in! (This is not strictly true, as one of the reasons I wanted to do this course was to try to develop this side of my creative practice. But, boy, when you're used to working one way, it's difficult to make the switch.)

Manuel has named the course: "Jewellery and Other Stories" and it's very appropriate.

So to "at"...

it's not this.

and not this.

and definitely not this.

but it might be this (note the wearing of new birkenstocks)

and this

but I'm still not sure

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kate said...

Hi Anna,

I'm loving reading your blog and am so envious of you indulging in your passions and being so obviously inspired.

I can't wait to read more,

Love Kate (Carl and Leelu)