Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Intention project finale

Here are some of the last pieces I made.  They came at the end of the project and are less illustrative of my intention but I was having so much fun with the wood that I couldn't help myself!

a brooch which was an exercise in composition. It's about 120mm across.

three views of a neckpiece (and another three awful photos of me)

Here's a close up of how I strung the "beads". I drilled 2 holes about 15mm deep into either end of the 'bead', then strung two drilled 10mm lengths of dowel onto the thread and tied knots at either end, and then glued them, knot first, into the drilled hole.

The glue is still wet in the photo but as it dried, the plugs of dowl blend into the plywood much better

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