Thursday, October 19, 2006

diamonds and coils

This ring shits me

9ct white gold coil ring with 10 x diamonds

But I love it as well because I get lots of orders for it. What shits me about it, is that sometimes (less often now than when I first started making them) I get to the end and the client says it doesn't fit. I always get them to try it on before soldering the coils together (the ring is made from one length of wire and the 'coils' are soldered together in a few points to stabilise it to prevent the stones falling out) and setting the stones, but sometimes they're not happy with the size when it's finished.

It's easy to resize it up a little but the problem is that to resize it down means taking the stones out and starting again as there's no way of cutting through the shank.

I had one of these today. Fortunately there's an
intermediary between me and the client.

Here's a close up. The wire is 1.2mm and the stones are half pointers (0.9mm)

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