Saturday, February 24, 2007

11 days to go

I'm leaving for Estonia on the 8th March. I'm very excited! I'm flying to Munich and spending 4 nights there as Schmuck will be on. I'll also try and check out the Academy.

I'll be staying in a tragic backpackers but I've booked a single room. I was speaking to Teresa Lane, who shares a studio in the room next to my studio, who also happens to have spent 6 months in Tallinn last year. I was describing the backackers in Munich to her and she said 'oh, that's the one with the nightclub downstairs'. I'll be packing my earplugs.

I've booked to stay at a cheap hostel in the old town of Tallinn for the first week and then I'll be moving into a beautiful but expensive apartment near the academy. After much deliberation and consultation with my friends (thankyou) I decided that I was too old for 'share accommodation' and that I will need a sanctuary while I'm there, with a bath, cable tv and wireless internet!

I'll try and post again before I leave.


ma roulotte said...

sounds like it’s bound to be great fun!
have a great trip :)

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

oooooo- lucky you!
hope you have time to do a few postings so we can travel vicariously.