Saturday, March 10, 2007


Well, here I am in Munich. Sitting in the bar of the backpackers with the nightclub. It's Friday night and the joint is NOT jumping. It reminds me of the espy front bar on a rainy tuesday afternoon.

Ok, so, I got here. All the guide books tell me I can easily withdraw money using my debit card. Do you think I can? No, I cannot! Do I have any money? No, I do not - unless you count 202 yen which is $2.19. And for some reason my credit card isn't working either!

I'm stuffed! And no glamorous opening for me tonight. doh!


hmmmm... my fault. I paid loads of bills before I left from my business account, so the balance was low, not realising that my business account is my 'primary' account and so therefore, the account that the German banks automatically try to withdraw from. whoops. Also, had a look at the galerie biro website and it appears the opening was last night, and not tonight!! So, I'm in the espy substitute, got a gigantor glass of bier and planning the next few days.

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