Monday, March 19, 2007

Being Foreign

In researching my foreignness project I’ve found some amazing images, which I have to share with you. This…

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From Medical Journal of Australia
Via Welsh View

in which her skin has grown over her wedding ring!

And the latest in surgical implants, a magnet

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And we know that Peter Skubic is mad but this image is new for me

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"Irritation" 1981 from Der Kosmos Des Peter Skubic published by Museum Fur Kunsthandwerk, Leipzig

I start my first day of teaching today but it will be a crit of their last project so that should be interesting. I’ll try and get images if they don’t mind.

It’s my 40th birthday


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA!! I emailed you on your birthday so hope you got it and hope you did get down to that medieval pub for some mead!
The blacksmith lecturer is a bit of cutie hey!! I'm really enjoying checking out your blog every few days; making me want to get out there myself. Take care Loza xx

ma roulotte said...

thje "wedding ring" is insane and fascinating!

happy b'day :)