Saturday, June 23, 2007

The beginning of the catch-up

A quick post from my hotel in Sorento, sun-burnt after a day trip to Positano on the Amalfi coast (what's that...? It's cold in Melbourne...? sorry)

Since I last posted I've been to The Netherlands, back to Estonia, back to Rome, to Florence, attended a repousse workshop in Tuscany, to London, to Birmingham and Edinburgh and now the south of Italy. On arrival in London I found out that the Damien Hirst exhibition had had so much press that to go and see the skull was 'booked out'. That's right, folks. You have to book to go and see it. So I didn't.

To Amsterdam: I came upon a fabulous design store called 'The Frozen Fountain' on my way to visit some jewellery galleries and I thought I'd share some images of things which caught my eye.

The Frozen Fountain.JPG

The Frozen Fountain.JPG

I liked the eclectic mix. Quite unlike the design stores of Melbourne.

DSC02545The Frozen Fountain.JPG.JPG

I liked how they displayed their textiles.

Ted Noten sculpture.JPG

you'd be forgiven for thinking I was obsessed with Ted Noten (that's his work above), given the amount of times he's mentioned on this blog, but I'm not. Really. Ok, yes, I bought his book from this store... And yes, I did buy one of his brooches, but that's where it ends.

Jurgen Bey 'Tree Trunk Bench'.JPG

Jergen Bey 'Tree Trunk Bench' 11,000 euro

And my very favourite...

Tejo Remy 'Rag Chair'.JPG

The Tejo Remy 'Rag Chair' 2,630 euro.

And so, 5 more sleeps and then I'm home. More catch up on my return



Tresca Cullen said...

You have no IDEA how jealous I am! you've been so busy and seen so much - very much looking forward to having a catchup with you. enjoy your last few days. xxx tc

Uschi said...

that's a really great idea for my pile of unused fabric ;))

Anonymous said...

Welcome home lady!! No doubt you're busy enjoying quality catch up time with barbra and boyfriend; note I put the cat first!!
Hey let's catch up soon. Lots going on for me including a possible move back to sydney for a while! Let me know when you're free. Cheerz loza xx

Antje said...

Hi Anna!
You've seen a lot of nice things- wow!
I have a problem with the pics on my blog. I don't see them anymore... do you?!
big hug