Monday, June 04, 2007

Look what I get to see...

On exhibition at White Cube while I'm visiting the UK.

Damien Hurst - skull

Damien Hirst - Skull
platinum, diamonds, human teeth.

Damien Hirst, the Ted Noten of Visual Arts.


marta miguel said...

Hi Anna
I tagged to you
you must describe 7 things that you like it
and tagged 7 more persons of the blog

best regards

increible the diamonds

annadee said...

Hi Marta,
Thanks for the tag but I've already done it here! I know, the diamonds are incredible, I can't wait to see the whole exhibition

Anonymous said...

When are you heading back home???
Look forward to catching up with you soon. It's really cold in melbourne town now too..loza xxx

annadee said...

arriving on 3rd July. It'll be even colder then!

Beck said...

really I couldn't be more jealous!
expecting a full report on your return, how completely excellento.
Damian really is a girls best friend.

Anonymous said...

hi anna,
white cube is round the corner from my old apt at old st roundabout! it's my old haunt! a great studio is almost next to white cube: Lara Bohinc ( makes jewellery ) you have to press the buzzer to get in and go down into the basement.. abit of a mystery but so worth it. x Lizzy

Stephanie said...

the skull has had a fair bit of press here... horribly, rivetingly, disgracefully brilliant and fascinating, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Come home. I miss you.

annadee said...

Is that you Hannah?! And it looks like I may not get to see it as you have to book in! And, it's booked out!

euroblather said...

You were in London?