Friday, February 01, 2008

new stuff

Here are a couple of brooches that I sent to Pablo Fanque before Christmas...


Prudence: tin tray, copper, pearls (brooch)


Sad Scallywag: tin tray, copper, tourmaline, 18ct yellow gold (booch)


Blue: biscuit tin, copper, green agate. (neckpiece)

sorry for photos, I'm heading to Sydney on Sunday for the opening of the exhibition on Tuesday night so I'll try and take some better ones. I have lots of posting ideas in my head: the conference in Adelaide, new work, new contacts, new opportunities, things I still want to share from my epic trip last year, etc. Some day I'll get around to it.


Mel Robson said...

they're GREAT Anna! Hope the show goes well!

Anonymous said...

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jimena said...

i visit your blog very often and want to say thank you for all the insiration you give! i really like your work!

Betty Jo said...

The tin brooches are amazing (as is all your work)I was excited to know your Nukk show is coming down to Melbourne! I blogged about Pablo Fanque,and was dissapointed knowing I wasn't going to make it up there.
Is it just me or are Nesting dolls the new Black?
regards and good luck with the shows, Liz@Betty Jo designs

Bobby said...

very cool!