Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Still Life


This is some new "production" work that I sent to Craft Victoria last week.

They're kind of still lifes (or should that be still lives)

My studio mate Cass (I think there's more to come soon with this website) suggested that I make a range of 'objects' as production work. I've been experimenting with trying to make production jewellery with the sublimation technique and I've been struggling a bit with some technical aspects of this which I'll try and address in another post.

The top image is a "wall work", ie, it has some gallery wire across the back and can be hung.... on the wall! The one above is an object.

They're cut from the off cuts and sections of biscuit tins and tin trays that I have no use for.

Another wall work, this one is rivetted but the rest are cut and bent from one piece of tin.

You can see the empty shapes below which are cut then folded up so they sit out from the base at varying heights.

They range in price from $130 - $175.

I really enjoyed making them. I like that they're kind of production but that every one is different.

I'm still happy to receive photography and blogging tips. (I actually haven't received any at all yet)



Claire said...

No blogging or photography tips from me, I just jump into both without much thought or technique and sometimes it works and most times it doesn't LOL.

I do have a question of you though... where did you get your light box?

Claire said...

PS... I really like the bottle shapes you are using for your objects.

Melissa said...

I really like the colouring on those shapes, the contrast between painted and raw makes them suggest more than just the bottle form.
And as for camera tips - you look like you're doing a fine job without 'em!
I have pretty much the same camera as you I think, and have found it to shoot rather green with the new two lamp setup that I got for Christmas. I've had to turn up the exposure, and I also had a fiddle with the white balance. Yet I still seem to need a lot of correction afterward. On the up-side, I'm getting a depth to my images that I wasn't able to with a natural light/light tent combo.
I'll be sure to update if I ever finish reading the manual myself...

annadee said...

Thanks for the comments guys. Claire, I got the light box from one of those photography stores on Elizabeth st. It was one of the smaller ones towards Flinders St from Ted's. They have them up on a high shelf at the back of the shop. He said he gets lots of jewellers coming in to buy them.... I've just realised you're in the NT, perhaps you can get someone to pick one up for you. I think it was $189 or something.

handmadelife said...

These works are great Anna, really lovely. they remind me of Margaret Preston. do you sketch first or do the pattern dictate/suggest where you place your shapes? Ramona x

Mel Robson said...

anna these are fantastic....and kind of spooky given what i am working on at the moment!!! Haven't gotten around to sending you the kitten yet but i will!!

Kevin Murray said...

These are quite wonderful. I'm thinking you are jewellery's answer to Gwyn Hanson-Piggott.

Elizabeth Kennedy said...

Really like these new works Anna, they are still and quiet, especially love the last piece, its a real knockout,well done love.

annadee said...

thank you all!