Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Gallery Wittenbrink

I found Gallerie Wittenbrink through the Klimt02 website. I didn't know very much about it as not much is mentioned on Klimt but the gallery has a long list of jewellery artists on their website so I went for a look. It turns out that the address I found for the gallery (which is in a really pretty part of Munich just south of the city center) is their painting gallery which is closed for the summer. Luckily for me the gallery attendant happened to be there and when I said I was actually wanting to see jewellery he said, "this is your lucky day"! It turns out that this gallery attendant is the jewellery curator of Wittenbrink, Christian Hoedl who is also a jeweller and graduate of the Munich Academy. And he told me they have a second smaller gallery in a large and prestigious shopping arcade in the centre of town. And he would be there after 3pm and would love to show me around.

In the main space, which you see in the photo, there was an exhibition of paintings by Peter Thol, I really liked the paintings and I would like to tell you more about him but the catalogue Christian gave me is in German... So I can't.

Around the corner there is a window gallery where they permanently show jewellery - they also have jewellery exhibitions in the main space.

At the moment there is an exhibition by Tabea Reulecke who I have posted about before. (interestingly, that first link is to the Pieces of Eight website but it was the best link to her work that I could find!)

I love that the works are figurative and they incorporate movement. The horse hinges at the back legs and I imagine that, as it is worn, it appears to clop along with the wearer. 

This piece is called housekeeper. And Christian liked the idea of wearing it while posing in front of the gallery. Him being the housekeeper of the gallery and all! Thank you Christian for being so generous with your time and showing me the jewellery from the stock room.

The window gallery looks out onto this beautiful garden...

I like that.

I'm sorry about my photos. They appear to me to be underexposed and my dodgy neck means my right arm is a bit shaky so they're not the best


Melissa said...

Photos? I was just thinking about how good they are...

Anna Davern said...

Thanks Melissa. And thanks for commenting, I've been feeling like I've been writing into a void!