Tuesday, August 03, 2010

More Munich

I went to Galerie Isabella Hund which is a sleek jewellery shop/gallery in the city centre...

The work was contemporary but traditional in style. Isabella Hund is a jeweller and she also represents other artists. I was amazed to see that some of the large rings had the prices written directly onto the work in washable texta! There was quite a lot of large geometric style jewellery and not much of the more organic cast forms that seem to predominate in Australian jewellery galleries. I wonder if this is a question of identity or isolation. Or just the style of that particular gallery.

I stumbled across another jewellery gallery called Schmuckgalerie tal 20.

It is owned by Elke Sunder PlaƟmann and Petra Waibel-Grotjans. It's a really lovely space and their workshop is at the back of the room which can be blocked off by sliding blinds.

Elke in the gallery

They exhibit other jewellers' work as well as their own.

I also went back to Henriette Schuster's gallery workshop but she was closed.

Closed too were Galerie Spektrum and Galerie Biro  but across the rod from Biro is a beautiful garden cemetery.

And there were many people enjoying the beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon picnicing and sunbathing amongst the deceased. You have to admit there couldn't be any place more peaceful than that.

On the way I came across an odd memorial to Michael Jackson...

There must be some reason why Michael is associated with this statue. There seemed to be attendants who were keeping the offerings clean, the candles lit and the flowers watered.

One more thing... On the recommendation of my honorary jeweller friend Ute, I went to Lodenfrey (fashion since 1842!) to shop for traditional Bavarian clothing.

check out those racks of leder-hosen!

and dirndls. 

I would have loved to have bought one of their winter coats but 1000 Euro is just too far out of my budget! Thanks for the tip Ute.



Elizabeth Kennedy said...

Thanks for the glimpse into Munich Anna, you look like you are seeing some fantastic things(very envious) That old cemetery is truly beautiful...the green is just amazing, thank you it made my day. I look forward to popping back to see what other adventures you are having. Have fun Anna. x

katie jayne said...

Your time in Munich and the workshop in Hallein with Manuel looks really exciting...I look forward to seeing what you make. I was in Munich in March this year for Schmuck and I have very different photos of the cemetary near gallery Biro :) bleak and snowy, but still very beautiful...the students from the school in Estonia held there exhibition in a buiding in the cemetary - it was a wonderful exhibition...

:) have fun! Katie

Peti said...

Dear Anna,
I'm from Munich and so I can let out you the reason for our king of pop's monument: Next to the statue, there is a rather known (and pretty expensive) hotel, where Michael Jackson lived, as he visited Munich. Well, and on the topic Lodenfrey, Lodenfrey isn't only a store where you can buy traditional bavarian clothes. Nowadays it's a luxury department store, where you find all the big designers!
Howsoever, Munich is fine, but I want to visit Melbourne next time...