Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Well, if I was in Melbourne this weekend, I'd be going to NotFair

Billed as an event that merges the “curatorial notion of a major biennale with the commercial potential of an art fair”, NotFair’s title and raison d'être is more an assertion about its participants’ experience of the commercial art world than a stab at Melbourne’s major commercial art exposition. Featuring 32 of Australia’s most undervalued or underrepresented artists, the not-for-profit event aims to eschew the high commissions and outlays of the commercial art model and the gallery focus of the Melbourne Art Fair to, in essence, bring the artists directly to an audience. 
from Broadsheet Melbourne

Akira Akira, Spillberg (Black) No. 1 from Broadsheet

Not that I've got anything against the Art Fair. I'd probably be going to that too

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