Wednesday, August 04, 2010


So. I am here.

Hallein is a small medieval town on the Salzach river. It reminds me a lot of Tallinn in its medievalness!

I'm glad I took these photos when I first arrived and the sun was shining as it is now raining and is apparently going to rain for a month!

The Hallein campus of the Salzburg Summer Academy is in an old salt store on an island in the middle of the river. Salzburg means salt castle and they mined a lot of salt around here. Hallein actually comes from the Celtic word hall for salt - Hallein has a Celtic history (at least according to wikipedia)

The Barmstein mountains that preside over Hallein

I am staying in the student accommodation about 5 mins walk from the academy. It is very simple but clean and comfortable and I am in a four bed dorm by myself with my own bathroom and fast internet. There is a shared kitchen and laundry.

 I don't know if this kind of stuff is interesting or not! But here's the view from my window...

Nice, huh? Shame about the telegraph wire but it's easy to ignore.

And check this out!

It's a sign!

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