Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Salt Store

Here are some photos of what will be my day to day surroundings at the academy...

This is the large room for us to work in. It is where we have been spending most of our time over the last two days as we discuss "what is jewellery" - more on that later. We also have a room with jewellery benches and equipment but those photos will come later when we start to work in there.


still from the same room

This part of the room we will share with the performance art class which starts next week. That should be interesting!

the ceiling

And more views from around the academy...

This is Manuel standing in the student lounge. And check out this lounge!!

I wanna take it home with me.

students on tour.

some salt! No kidding.

encrusted salt! There will be more photos like this but they require lifting the camera up high and will have to wait until my neck is better - they've found me a fantastic physio and her name is Barbara!

This is part one of a panorama shot of one of the painting workshops upstairs.

Part two....

Wouldn't you like to work/live here?

And guess what? Destiny Deacon is teaching a workshop here. She is one of my favourite artists and she's working right upstairs from me. I would love to meet her but I feel that introducing myself and saying "I'm Australian too" would be just so naff!

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