Thursday, August 05, 2010

getting our hands dirty

Make a ring in an hour he says!

I've been thinking a lot about salt. And about the effects of salt on iron. There's a lot of old rusted iron around this building. And it reminds me of when I lived in Newcastle in NSW and how your cars became cactus in a few short years. And of living in Sydney and people in the Eastern suburbs bemoaning concrete cancer.

So. I grabbed a chisel and hammer and went to work on the old salt encrustations around the building and found a length of iron wire which had obviously been hanging around for a while. And this was the result...

with some help from a hot glue gun. Who doesn't love a hot glue gun.

But then, the exercise takes an interesting (and momentarily distressful) turn. And I'm making rings from hair and my fingernails.

very hard to photograph!

So, at the end of the day (definitely more than an hour later), this is my ring...

And the rest of the class?

12 Rockin' rings I reckon

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