Thursday, August 05, 2010

first crit

Today we set up the jewellery workshop...

I'm so digging working in the round. It reminds me of being back at college. When I was at Sydney College of the Arts the first year studio had 3 of these benches but they had six spots at each bench. It's great in a learning environment. I originally chose the spot where you can see my "keep cup" and crumpler bag but changed places as two of the students who were friends wanted to be split up. I'm now sitting at the spot in the bottom left of the picture.

Here is my meagre assortment of tools. A result of a 20kg luggage limit. Others (those who could drive) are more fortunately endowed...

I wish!

And so, we spent the morning presenting our work to the group. Our first crit, so to say!

Sooyeon (Korea) discussing her work with Manuel. Sooyeon studied at the Rhode Island School of Design in the US. What you see on the laptop screen is made from paper.

Samira (Munich) also showing work made from paper. Samira has just completed her Graphic Design degree and her final presentation was paper jewellery. Anje and Elisabeth look on.

Flora Vagi on the left is Manuel's assistant and an artist whose work I have long admired, Sooyeon (standing), Melanie (Austria) and Peter (Germany)

rapt attention

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