Friday, August 06, 2010

Publishing opportunity

Now, I don't "call" myself a textile designer. But that doesn't mean I don't make things from textiles.

A few years ago I was invited by Glenys Mann to teach a workshop at the Ballarat Fibres Forum. Being the open minded cross disciplinary artist that I am, I said 'yes'!

Well! Had I known what I was signing up for, I would've done it years ago. Suffice it to say, I've been back every year since, as a student.

This year I did a basketry workshop with Anna King from Scotland and this is the result...

Four baskets and a hanging thing. salami elastic and cable ties. 
tallest: 45mm. photo: Terence Bogue


Yes. Salami elastic and cable ties.

So, to the publishing opportunity. I recently found out about TAFTA's plans for a Fibre Design Book through the Craft Almanac and thought: Salami elastic, surely that's fibre? And sent in my images. I've just heard that the images have been approved by the book designer and have now been sent through to the selection panel.

The closing date for applications is the 1st September. So to all those artists out there whose media of choice might loosely define itself as a fibre, get applying!


Sarah B said...

Hi Anna, That's great news! Your work is fabulous (fun too). I had some pics taken for the submission last week and have just posted a couple on my blog. It's going to be dificult to choose which 3 I send in!

lucyjames said...

this is awesome!! love it!