Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Intention project part 3

After discovering the beauty of plywood, I went on a bender. And I was still able to incorporate elements of steel. The following are the compositions that finally made it within the "frame" of my intention (Manuel used this term a lot and it was very helpful as we all tended to get carried away and move away from our orgininal intention).

I never would've thought I'd be using wood. It started as a means to make quick models but it turns out that it's materiality was perfect to communicate my intention.

a brooch - 300mm long

a neckpiece (fittings not yet attached) - 300mm long

another brooch - 300mm long

another neckpiece - 300mm long

another brooch - 300mm long

and another brooch - 300mm long

fun with the linisher


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