Saturday, September 04, 2010

Yes. I'm a tourist

On our final weekend in Hallein, Elisabeth, Lucia and I jumped in Anje's car and drove to Vienna.

I think I deserve some congratulations on my bravery in sharing such an awful photo of myself.

Here's something we saw on the way...

And some things we saw when we got there:


and the view from the Leopold Museum

My favourite Schiele from the collection at the Leopold Museum

The Hundertwasser house

a giant moth

a miniature jeweller's workshop in the window of a jewellery supply shop

and Dick files

Unfortunately Austrian shops very strictly observe closing from Saturday Afternoon to Monday morning so I couldn't have a better look around. It was interesting to see a jewellery supply shop at street level though.

Elisabeth lives in Vienna and she and her fella Philip (and their dachshund, Gonzo) very kindly put us up in their beautiful apartment in the 7th district, which is a very interesting and creative part of Vienna. I want to live somewhere with a staircase like this...



Sarah B said...

Sometimes it's great being a tourist. That moth is incredible! You could wear it like a brooch :)

Jakeb said...

That moth is breathtaking.

best gadget reviews said...

Amazing photos.